Mads - Eleven Months

Eleven months, almost one. This month flew by, and we are planning her first birthday. Wow. It's mind-blowing to me that she is almost one. This year is just flying by, and I wish I could find the pause button.

23 pounds. She is growing so quickly, she is pretty tall too!

She eats all her meals, the same as us. Her favorite foods are strawberries, cheerios, lemon, and blackberries. Whenever we give her berries she gets it everywhere. If you were to look at her after she eats them, she would be covered from head to toe. 

Still wearing 12 month clothes. Size 4 diapers now, and we are still using the Honest Company. 

Talking up a storm, as usual. She can say "tickle tickle tickle" "blue" "mama" "dada" and she always says "go go go". She really is super smart, and I am so proud of her vocabulary so far!

Her favorite toys are her yellow ball, and the remotes.

Mads took her first steps a few days ago! So yes she can walk, but she is super lazy with it and would rather crawl. 

Still eight teeth, but one of her back ones is starting to push through. 

Sleeping through the night, and we actually have gotten her to bed a lot earlier. Typically it's about 9-10pm now! Slowly but surely making progress. 

We go on walks all the time, and we finally started letting her sit in the front and not in her car seat anymore. She loves looking at everything in our neighborhood. 

She can wave hi and bye. When she does it she says "hiiiiiiiii" cutest thing ever. 

Likes: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is her favorite. The intros to any show we are watching, thats the only thing she will watch, no matter what she is doing if she hears music she looks. Bath time, she finally loves being in the bath which is a good thing considering how dirty she gets eating. Her grandma. 

Dislikes: Putting clothes on and diaper changes! 

Happy 11 months baby girl. 

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