22 Things I learned in 22 Years

Yesterday was my 22nd birthday, and so far in my life I have learned a few things I wanted to share with you guys, so here's 22 things I have learned in my 22 years of life:

1. Learn to let go of toxic people. It's hard and sometimes can hurt a lot, but this is something that is crucial in growing up. People change, things change. Accept it. 

2. "Good things come to those who wait" is absolute crap. If you want something you go out there and get it. If you don't you'll never get it.

3. Call your mom, love her, cherish her. It's so easy to get caught up in yourself growing up that you forget that she's getting older to. Time is precious, enjoy every moment you get with her.

4. Jealousy kills. Stop comparing yourself to everyone. There will always be someone who is smarter, prettier, stronger, etc. Don't let that bring you down and ruin your day.

5. You don't have to explain yourself to people. If you want to do something, do it. If you don't want to do something, don't.

6. You can be whatever you want, or do whatever you want. It's never too late to change the path you are on.

7. Treat your body good. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and drink water! I learned this later than I wish I would've. You only get one body, treat it good.

8. Self-Love is so important. This is something I still struggle with, but you need to learn to love yourself. Stop hating things about you and learn to love them.

9. Leave your comfort zone. Try new things, experience everything you can.

10. Dress however the hell you want. You don't have to dress how everyone else does, wear what you like! I swear I look around and everyone dresses the exact same. If that's what you like, more power to you. But don't dress a certain way just because that's what everyone else is doing.

11. Enjoy the small moments with your kids (if you have any). Not everything has to be a big event, enjoy those cuddles on the couch, they won't last forever.

12. Don't cling to the past. It's fine to reminisce sometimes, but move on and don't hang onto it. Move on.

13. There is so much more to getting drunk and partying every night. I look back on the nights of drinking and going out, and I don't miss it. I still go out from time to time, but it's not my life, I'd rather be home.

14. Social media isn't real. What people post is all staged. People's lives are not that perfect, no ones is. This is was and still is a hard one for me, because I scroll on my Instagram and compare myself to other people, and that can ruin you. You need to remind yourself that people only show you what they want you to see. Everyone struggles and we need to remember that.

15. Explore different music. I used to only listen to country and rap until I met my fiancé and boy am I grateful he showed me different types of music. Music is amazing and something that you can listen to no matter how you feel. Branch out and listen to something new, you never know what you will like.

16. People change and drift away, it's okay.

17. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. We have heard this our whole life but people still treat others like shit. That's not okay. Everyone is human, everyone has feelings.

18. Get off your damn phone. You don't have to record every minute of your life. Put the camera down and look with your eyes.

19. Forgive yourself, always.

20. You don't have to have your life completely together right now. We are so young still, we have so much room to grow and so much to learn. Take your time and slow down.

21. Your past doesn't define you. No matter how bad things have been in your past, that is not who you are or who you are destined to be.

22. Stop giving a shit about what people think of you, do what you want. This was the biggest thing I have learned and am still learning now. People only care about themselves and aren't thinking about you as much you think they are.
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