Five Ways to Reduce Stress

Becoming a mother was the greatest thing to ever happen to me, and I'm sure you all feel the same. But with that comes the responsibility of taking care and shaping them into becoming strong and independent people. It's the most rewarding job in the world, but it can be exhausting.

Stress is inevitable and there's no way to avoid it, so let's embrace it. It's actually a good thing to have some stress in your life, it means you are living. Now when people start seeing issues is when they have too much of it in their life. We have all experienced those times when we feel completely overloaded with life, and everything seems to be falling down on us at once. The stress can be too much and it can feel like you won't make it to tomorrow. Trust me, we have all been there, multiple times.

I'm here today to help you manage that stress effectively, in ways I have found helpful to me throughout my life. Even though I found these tips to be helpful to me, they don't prevent stress 100% because like I said you will always have some stress. But, learning to maintain and reduce is can help you get through those hard days. So here are my top five tips to reduce stress:

Make time for YOU: This is so important and a must for having good self health. A lot of times when you have children your self care tends to be put on the back burner, and that's not healthy. You have to put yourself first sometimes, because if you aren't happy and healthy your kids can feel that, and it affects them.

Whatever it is you like to do, make time for it. Go for a walk. Go read that book. Take a long bubble bath with some rose. Whatever you fancy, do it. Sometimes we get so caught up in doing the dishes, finishing that last load of laundry, whatever the excuse is, it's invalid. YOU are the most important thing and if you aren't at your best you will collapse and nothing will be okay. How can your kids or the people around you be happy when you aren't. You need to make yourself a priority, so the dishes and laundry can wait, self care can't.

Go for a walk: Fresh air is so important, and it can be so neglected. Go for a little walk at least once a day, breath in that air. Get the kids, grab the stroller and go.

I try to go on a walk once a night, and sometimes it's a few miles, but sometimes it's just around my block. You'll enjoy it and so will the little ones. I know sometimes it can be hard to even leave the house, well for me at least, but sometimes you just have to force yourself to do it. But once you do I promise you will feel a little better. Fresh air is needed.

Smile: Even if you don't feel like it smile. Seriously do it real fast... Wow, right? Our brains connect with our facial expressions, so if you are straight faced all of the time, you will feel that way. Try smiling or laughing and notice how the tension in your face fades. Even if it's a forced smile it will help you feel a little better, it's a quick mood booster.

So smile smile smile. All the time.

Have a good support system: When you have kids your social life starts to fade, especially when you have a newborn. At least that's how it was for me. I stopped talking to about 98% of the people I talked to before having a baby, and I get lonely. The days are long and when the only communication you have is with an infant or toddler it can be too much and push you to a breaking point. What helped me was having someone to talk to, whether that is in person or online.

Nowadays there are so many ways to communicate with other people going through what you are. I have met some of my closest friends online. It's nice having someone to vent to and have them actually relate. There are thousands of online communities where people are just like you, so go out and find those pages. Make friends, and talk to someone.

Meditate/Yoga: I always heard that mediation can change your life, but I never actually tried or put effort into it. It was something that was brought up multiple times but never resinated in my brain. Back in January I decided to change my mental and physical health and yoga was one of the first things I tried. I completely fell in love. I do it three times a week and have noticed a significant increase in my mood. Meditating came right after that, and it's something I can't imagine not doing everyday anymore.

I meditate for 20 minutes every night, right before I go to bed. I sit wherever it's quiet and position myself criss cross with my hands on my knees. I will typically repeat a mantra in my head, this works best for me because it helps keep my mind focused and not stray off to stressful things. I will repeat mantras such as: 'love', 'breath', 'om' and a few others it just depends. Meditating actually changed my life, and has done great things. I go to sleep and my mind isn't consumed with the stressors of life, and I am able to sleep peacefully. I definitely recommend trying this.

Stress is inevitable, and it's something that will never go away, but there are things you can do to help and I hope these tips help you in your everyday life. They are simple and most of them take less than 30 minutes. Being a mother is hard, and mentally draining at times. Don't forget that you need to be 100% before your family can be. You need to put your mental health first.

What are some of the ways you reduce your stress?

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  1. These are great tips.. wish I saw this when I was in college lol I'll have to share with my friends who are still in!

  2. These are all great tips for every college student. When I was in college, I remember feeling so stressed out with the work load. It's a good thing that I had supportive friends who helped me cope with stress.

  3. I wish I had these tips when I was in school - I definitely could have eaten better, got more sleep and exercised more.

  4. These are totally relatable! I wish I've read these tips before when I was in college ��

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