Mads - Ten Months

Ten months old, wow. Each month seems shorter and shorter when you have a child, I wish it could all slow down. Watching her grow is so magical, and as the months go on she forms her personality more and more, it's so fun to experience. I can tell though, I am definitely going to have my hands full when she is a toddler, little miss sass. 

22 pounds of pure cuteness. That car seat gets heavier and heavier every day, but thats when my massive mom strength comes in haha. Mom strength is a real thing, have you guys seen those videos of moms picking up cars!? Yeah, crazy. 

She eats everything I eat, which is amazing but it makes it so difficult to get a bite in, I swear she finishes her food before I have a second to even look at my food! Whenever she tried something new she makes the funniest faces, at first she looks disgusted, then she freaks out because she loves it. We don't feed her any dairy or meat products, and we don't plan to. 

Wearing 12 months clothing and size 3 diapers still. We switched over to Honest diapers and I am actually obsessed with them. They are cute, and we haven't had leaking issues!

Mads does this thing when we are not talking or looking at her where she screams but with her mouth closed so it kind of sounds like a someones pushing down on a horn and not giving up. It's so funny, she loves attention for sure. 

Still not playing with any toys we buy her. Her favorite toys are paper, the remote, and anything that is in Moms hand. 

So so soooo close to walking, she gets scared so falls on her bum. But I have a feeling it will be soon!

Eight teeth. When she smiles it looks like she just has a whole mouthful! 

Mads is still sleeping through the night, she has been really good with this since she was a newborn. Thank goodness. We are going to try and start getting her to bed a little earlier, because right now she goes to bed at 10:40pm and wakes up at 7am. Any tips to help get your little one to bed earlier? 

she wouldn't stop crying so she has Dads watch

Reading so intently 

Likes: The word "kombucha" it cracks her up, she thinks it's the funniest thing ever. Cuddles with Dad. Playing with Gramma, she adores her so much and they have the best relationship. Crawling on the floor. Throwing things, she will pick them up and immediately throw whatever is in her way.

Dislikes: When we leave for work, she cries and it breaks my heart. Being put in her carseat. Putting on and taking off her clothes, she freaks out. Being changed, she flips everywhere like a fish out of water whenever we try to change her. 

Happy ten months baby girl. 

5 comments on "Mads - Ten Months"
  1. She is just adorable! They do grow up so fast so cherish every moment.

    1. Right? Whenever anyone told me that, I was like oh whatever, now I know it's true!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. oh 10 months time flys!!! Enjoy her not walking while you can, I know it is exciting her first steps but once she goes there is no slowing down. My youngest started walking at 8 months he is now 16 months and is in EVERYTHING!!! You are lucky he sleeps through the night, my first did that since she was brought home from the hospital, but my little man still doesn't!! Good job mom she is beautiful!!

  3. I remember those days! I miss them with all my kids. I'm trying to figure out ways to keep my soon to be 3-year-old son little. Enjoy the time!

  4. she is so cute. I truly loved this age because they were learning a whole bunch of new things and getting a better sense of being there.