Mads - Nine Months

Miss Mads is Nine Months old, as I'm writing this I'm holding back a tear or two because of how fast my daughter is growing. I know I say/think this every month but, where is the time going? I swear it was yesterday that I was bringing her home from the hospital and I was scared to change her clothes because I though I would break her! Now, she's so grown and starting to do things all on her own without moms help, makes me sad.

21 pounds, my big girl is growing so fast! We took her to the doctor a week ago for her nine month check up and she's in the high percentile for weight, height and head circumference! Safe to say she's growing very good!

Mads doesn't really like to crawl, she always wants to stand up and try to walk! She can stand for 5-9 seconds on her own before she falls down. She is pulling herself up on everything and it scares me to death! She started doing this last month a little, but this month it is constantly that its happening, she never wants to sit down anymore! Also, she's starting to take steps, soon we will have a walking baby I can't even believe it!

"Mmmmmama mama mama" "Dad dad dad" thats all we hear coming from her mouth anymore, it's so cute. There was a week though where she only said "dad" and it drove me crazy because she wouldn't say mama at all! I would be like:
"Madalynne say mama..."
Drove me insane! But now she is saying Mama all the time, and I love it so much. Melts my heart!

Mads does this growling thing with my mom as well, they call it 'being a monster', its so funny to watch because they will just growl back and forth at each other. 

SIX TEETH! Yup you read that right, she has six teeth. She smiles and her whole mouth is just full of pretty teeth. She doesn't quite understand that it hurts when she bites, so she is always trying to put my hand in her mouth. 

Still sleeping through the whole night, but the last three or four nights have been pretty rough on us. She is fighting sleep so hard, and we end up staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning. She will cry and cry because she can't sleep but its because she keeps rolling all over. I'm hoping this ends soon because our sleep schedule is all out of wack!

Funny story: The reason she's asleep in her pictures this month is because she was so grump when I tried taking them she would not smile for me whatsoever, so we decided to wait until she was asleep. *ahh sneaky mom*

Likes: Bath time. Mickey Mouse, she is obsessed with him, she has 2 stuffed animals that can talk and she freaks out every time you push the buttons on them! Car drives calm her down, and she always falls asleep. Bed time stories, we alternate telling them to her and she sits and helps us turn the pages. 

Dislikes: Having her diaper changed, its such a process because she screams so loud! Wearing clothes, she would rather be naked in a diaper and socks. Being in her play pen, we bought her a big play pen that we can put her in until we baby proof the whole house and she absolutely hates being in there without one of us siting in there with her. 

Guys, look at those cute baby feet, I LOVE baby feet so much. These past nine months have been the best ever, I love watching Mads grow and discover herself, its truly magical to watch.