Peanut Butter Vegan Brownies

I haven't talked about it much on the blog yet but we are transitioning to plant based and then eventually vegan, it was a big decision for our family but we agreed it was the best for our health and our daughters. I'll make a post about it soon. Anyway, I have always had a sweet tooth especially for brownies, I kid you not I used to eat half a pan in one sitting (don't judge me), so I decided to find a good brownie recipe that I love. 


Mads - Ten Months

Ten months old, wow. Each month seems shorter and shorter when you have a child, I wish it could all slow down. Watching her grow is so magical, and as the months go on she forms her personality more and more, it's so fun to experience. I can tell though, I am definitely going to have my hands full when she is a toddler, little miss sass. 


Valentines Day

Valentines Day was never something I participated in until I met Jonathan, and now we celebrate it every year, and I can honestly say I enjoy February 14th now. Flowers, chocolates and lots of kisses are my favorite things, and now we get to celebrate it as a family of three. 

Mads - Nine Months

Miss Mads is Nine Months old, as I'm writing this I'm holding back a tear or two because of how fast my daughter is growing. I know I say/think this every month but, where is the time going? I swear it was yesterday that I was bringing her home from the hospital and I was scared to change her clothes because I though I would break her! Now, she's so grown and starting to do things all on her own without moms help, makes me sad.