Christmas Eve Eve

Last night was Christmas Eve Ever, one of my favorite days because its the day before Christmas Eve! The excitement for Christmas is in full effect, and everyone is so happy, it makes for a great day. We spent the evening wrapping gifts, drinking egg nog with Baileys (which wasn't very tasty in my opinion, but tis the season right?) and dancing around to Christmas music.

This season is my favorite because you get so much time with your family, and I love that. With work, and being full time parents it's hard to always remember to slow down and take in the moment. When it's Christmas, you are home with your family and you get  more time to enjoy every second, so best believe I have been savoring every moment,  I'm loving it. I wish it would last forever.

Having my own little family now makes the holidays even better than before, everything is so much more meaningful to me, I think it's because I have a daughter now. Plus, it's fun to start our own family traditions, and experience it all over again, but in a different way because now we are the parents and not the kids.

Well, got to go, I have cookies in the oven. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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