Thirty Five & Thirty Six Weeks Pregnant


Thirty Five - Thirty Six Week Bumpdate
We are getting so close to finally meeting baby M, and I can't contain my excitement! The next few weeks I need to get my butt in gear and finish the last minute baby details. Here's an update of the past two weeks:

Size of the Baby: I went to the doctor last week on Friday and the baby was about 5lbs

Total weight gain: I've gained about 20.2lbs 

Maternity clothes: Still haven't had to buy any, but almost none of my shirts fit anymore. So when I'm not wearing a dress I am in leggings and a big T shirt

Sleep: What is sleep? I am always exhausted, yet my body wakes me up early and I wake up every hour at night. I have given up on ever feeling rested again

Movements: Her kicks are becoming less kicks and more stretching type movements, she is so strong and sometimes her movements hurt a bit. But, nothing makes me happier than seeing her little body move inside me

Symptoms: Heartburn heartburn heartburn. I feel like my throat is on fire constantly, it is starting to get so bad that I feel like I am going to puke all day

Cravings: All things sweet. Last night I actually had Jonathan run to Krispy Kreme to buy me a dozen glazed doughnut. My sweet boy

Best moments: Painting the nursery! Jonathan and I went out and got some Grey paint and spent the weekend painting the room. It looks so good, I can't wait to show you guys

Worst moments: Last week I had to go in for a growth check ultrasound, because baby M was looking to be a little small. Everything is fine, thank goodness. The doctor said she is healthy and growing good, she's just smaller because I am a small person, so I just won't ever really have big babies