Christmas Eve Eve

Last night was Christmas Eve Ever, one of my favorite days because its the day before Christmas Eve! The excitement for Christmas is in full effect, and everyone is so happy, it makes for a great day. We spent the evening wrapping gifts, drinking egg nog with Baileys (which wasn't very tasty in my opinion, but tis the season right?) and dancing around to Christmas music.


Mads - Eight Months

Mads is Eight months old, I can't even believe what I am writing! Time is just flying by, I want it to slow down; I feel like it was just yesterday she was a newborn. These past months have been the best of my entire life. Watching Mads grow and develop is so incredible, I'll never get bored of it. 

Welcome to the World

Madalynne Eva Simonji
April 18, 2017
7lbs 8oz - 20 inches


A Letter to My Baby

Dear Baby,

Today is April 1, 2017 and we are exactly twenty days from your due date. I've been counting down the days for months now, and I am getting so anxious to meet you. I remember the exact moment when I found out you were in my belly, it seems like an eternity ago. Looking down at that pregnancy test my whole life changed in a matter of seconds, so many emotions were running through my head.

Baby Shower

My baby shower was a smashing success, and I am so sad that it's over. I look at my photos from that day all the time because I miss it so much. My Mom and little sister put it all together, and they did such an incredible job, it was everything I could have wanted and much more. 

For the food we had mostly chocolates and sweets (to satisfy all of my cravings). My Mom stayed up all night slaving over the stove to prepare all of these sweet treats. Pretty sure baby M and I both went into a sugar coma by the end of the party!

We played some games, and chatted the afternoon away.

My Baby shower was unforgettable and picture perfect. I truly realized how blessed my little family is, and how baby M is coming into this world loved by so many people. 

Thirty Five & Thirty Six Weeks Pregnant