Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is over and now we can finally start putting up Christmas decorations and singing holiday music (even though I've been doing that for weeks now). I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend, I know I did! Every year I usually spend Thanksgiving at home with my sister and mother, but this year I decided to change things up and take a road trip with Jonathan. We adventured through downtown Phoenix, Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

Our drive was a little over six hours, and we stopped a few times to see the sights. The pictures above were taken at the Navajo Bridge, it crosses the Colorado Rivers Marble Canyon. 

Our AirBnb was located right in the heart of downtown Phoenix, and it was a studio. We arrived when it was dark outside and the whole place was lit up with colorful lights, it was really magical. Inside was even better, all the rooms had colorful lights, and it was a really warm vibe inside.

The host of the place left us some gifts in the room including: Cookies, popcorn, a fruit bowl, coffee, and even a bottle of wine. It was very nice and considerate of him, most AirBnbs I stay at never leave things like that, so it made it even more special.

Outside there was chairs and couches, with lights throughout the whole place. I wanted to take more pictures of our place, but I was so caught up in being with Jonathan that I forgot to take like any pictures!

Sedona was the first destination, and it is located right outside of Flagstaff. We walked around the town and went into some of the shops. Then, we ate at a restaurant with the most amazing view overlooking Sedona. 

After all the walking (and two hour drive) Jonathan needed a little cat nap.

Friday night we walked around downtown Phoenix to look around and get a feel for their city life. We found this art hanging and decided to lay on the grass right under it and just enjoy the view. It was really cool, I don't know exactly what it was but it sure looked awesome. We walked around for a few hours than got Thai food.

On the way back to our room we took a longer way so we could see Christmas lights, it was a perfect night.

The Grand Canyon was our last stop, and it was on the way home. Jonathan had been there before but never had I, and can I say it was the most breathtaking experience I've ever had. We watched the sunset overlooking the Canyon, and it was a perfect moment.

Even looking back now, I can still see the Grand Canyon in my head, every detail. I can't wait to go back again.

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